My Philosophy

Are We A Fit?

I think of software engineering as people building something with other people…for people.

The book Good to Great by Jim Collins has been a north star to my approach on software.

Specifically, the concept of “First Who, Then What”. Collins explains that great leaders look get the right people on the team (The Who) BEFORE deciding on a strategy or vision.

Having a committed and capable team is fundamental to any organization’s success and should come before any discussion of direction or tactics.

When it comes to tech teams, I expand this concept to include “First Who, Then How”.

As teams experience turnover, often management will look for people whose skills match the stack (The How) and often stop there.

Programming languages are a tool to accomplish a task. Commitment to a project, and being able to think strategically is more important than being immediately familiar with a tool.

Even if they’re familiar with all of the tools, it’s going to take someone time to get up to speed with your particular application, business rules, and team.

Since there’s always going to be ramp-up time, you might as well use it wisely on ramping up the right people.

Regardless, finding the right people is an order of magnitude more difficult than finding a skillset.

That’s a long way to say I probably haven’t worked with your exact tech stack.

But that’s not what’s important.

“We thought chaos was just part of running a tech company”

Jeff joined our team after our CTO was called to the war in Ukraine as a reserve technical specialist. Jeff was a revelation for our team. Jeff came in when our team was fairly disorganized and unstructured in terms of running efficient strategic initiatives within our organization. Jeff quickly discovered and identified the problems within our team and addressed them accordingly. He was then able to implement structure within our team that was dearly needed. If you require an accomplished technical leader on your team, I highly recommend Jeff and his technical expertise.

Eric Faust