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About You, Me & Us

About You

You run a Good Business.

Perhaps you are using technology to help people connect, learn, or become better versions of themselves. Maybe you’re using technology to connect and empower people.

You have a mission beyond making money. Yes, money is important, after all, a business runs on it, but there’s a mission above money. Your business is a conduit to your a way to make the world better.

You still believe in the internet as the great democratizer. It still has the potential to become more than a mass surveillance machine. Or the great divider.

Corporate speak, even though you sometimes find it necessary to touch base, or square the circle, or close the loop, it still makes you cringe a little on the inside. You prefer to speak plainly and directly.

You want it done right. Sometimes short cuts are necessary but you know there’s a trade off between speed and quality.

About Me

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, starry-eyed about technology. After all, technology was the future, and I wanted to be a part of it.

As the internet grew in popularity, I saw it idealistically; more Star Trek than Terminator.

The recent years have shown the needle is moving more towards the latter.

I believe the way back is to focus on the human. This is even more important when it comes to working on tech projects.

Software is built by people for people. Thus, in an age of ‘AI’, people skills become that much more important.

I’ve built the infrastructure of companies of all sizes from zero revenue up to $2B.

I like long walks on the beach and test-driven development.

I live with my partner Lindsie, my two kids, and our two dogs.

I’m on IMDb.

About Us

Have fun & make money.

As a nonprofit focused on environmental sustainability, we’re often faced with complex challenges and limited resources. Jeff joined us during a critical restructuring phase and quickly became a beacon of hope and innovation. His ability to dissect intricate problems and present clear, actionable solutions is remarkable. He led initiatives to leverage technology for better outreach and impact, significantly increasing our engagement and funding. Jeff’s passion for making a difference aligns perfectly with our mission, and his contributions have been instrumental in our growth. Jeff is a true ally and an exceptional strategist.

Steve K