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“Jeff makes things better” 

I’m curious about your project

In the exciting, crunch before launching? Post-launch trying to find your feet? A few years into your project and it’s all about the trade offs? Preparing for an exit, or just acquired? Growing team and product?

I can help.

My name is Jeff. I love to help companies and teams get to the next level.

My professional background via my resume is available.

It’s all about the flow

Projects moving at a crawl? Lots of bugs creeping up? Did you have a burst of features and now releases are trickling out?

I think about this in terms of flow. When there’s clarity, business flows. When a process, a role, or a project isn’t clear, there’s resistance.

Clarity. Consensus. Flow.

Speaks tech … and human

I’ve worked remotely nearly my entire career and know about the unique challenges to hiring and running a remote team.


I am a generalist at heart, and I specialize in technology.

I’m a software architect and full-stack developer with an emphasis on backend development.

Starting a new project? I help you get started right and quickly by laying a solid architecture foundation.

“Jeff makes things better”

I have worked with Jeff for almost 10 years. I keep coming back to one simple thing: Jeff makes things better. His impact on our organization was immediate. He pushed us to adopt better coding practices and uniform standards everywhere, at all times.

He challenged us to improve our deployment inefficiencies.

He led the charge to modernize our legacy code base. He vetted technologies that he felt could help stabilize our core foundation — and found many that did

Craig K

“Our project was struggling”

We had outsourced the project to international developers and things quickly got out of hand. We had this feeling like we were being taken advantage of and we needed help! That’s when we brought Jeff in.

Jeff quickly assessed where we were, identified bottlenecks and potential roadblocks and came up with solutions. He deep dived into this space very fast and could acquire all the relevant skills extremely fast. He always answered fast, solved problems quickly and delivered a perfectly working product. I have no problem with recommending Jeff and would work with him any time.

Joshua G